Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We didn't take nearly enough pictures of the Christmas festivities. We had such a great time though and I felt like maybe the kids actually got the whole point of the season this year. We kept things simple. I think that helped. With the help of Grandparents, they were spoiled anyway. Some of the highlights - Christmas Eve dinner with friends, acting out the nativity (Ashley played the angel, inn keeper, and sheperd), singing Christmas songs, buying presents for others, Christmas eve breakfast with friends, Christmas dinner with Laurie - it was nice to have family here and a place to go - and Hans around most of 3 whole days in a row. It was great. Santa brought the girls each a webkinz, an outfit, a coloring book, and for Kate a leotard, and Ashley a barbie. Ashley took the barbie back to walmart yesterday and got crafts instead. Justin got a Thomas lego set, a coloring book, and a shirt. Mia got a book. I think the favorite toy for the girls were pixos. Those are pretty cool. And for Justin it was definately the Thomas legos. He loves those. Mia doesn't really care, but my favorite for her were some new cute shoes she'll actually keep on. Thanks mom for those. It's nice to have new toys to occupy their time this week. Ashley still has school off and we really don't have anything planned. It's been relatively relaxing. I'm feeling the rush to get Christmas stuff put down, returned, and sorted through so that I can get everything ready for Hawaii. Hans and I are going ALONE to Hawaii January 31st. For 8 nights. 9 days. Yipes. I'm excited and nervous. And not sure my friends know what they are in for. Ashley is going to Kim's house to be with Kaylee, Justin is going to Jenn's house to be with Andy and Ashley, and Katelyn and Mia are going to Melanie's house. And I have a lot of people "on call." So thanks in advance to all of you. Hans and I also went skiing on the 27th (8 year anniversary) at Arapahoe basin in the 8 degree weather. It was ridiculously freezing, but the edge was off by noon and we had a great day. It's crazy to think we've been married for that long. But also for not that long considering everything that we've done. I marvel sometimes that we are still married after 4 children, a new business, 4 years of dental school, nursing school, 3 moves, and lots of stress. I think if we stayed strong through that we can manage whatever is ahead. Anway, the kids did 11 hours with the babysitter. They did great. The babysitter was awesome. I love her. She was tired, but the kids were fed 3 meals, dressed, played with, and happy. Wow. It was good prep for me for Hawaii. Now we are busily preparing ourselves for New years eve tomorrow. Hans is working til 8 pm. People actually want to see him that late on a holiday. So I am planning a party for the kids. We made a pinata, which turned out great and stuffed it with way too much candy. Since we could use more candy. I will attach pictures soon. I think all I have is Christmas morning. I didn't even take pictures of them on the balance beam we managed to sneak into the house only to have Katelyn "discover" it hidden in the basement on Christmas Eve. It's hard to hide a 16 foot balance beam. They haven't even played much on it yet. I'm hoping we get some use out of it. If not, it was a great, inexpensive Craigslist find. Hans bought me a huge variety of gu things to eat while I train for the marathon. I tried my first one yesterday on my first training run of 10 miles. I think it helped. Kind of upsets the GI system, but I'm hoping I get used to it. I returned the heart rate monitor he got me (i'm not 40 yet) and bought new ski boots, ski pants, ski jacket, hat, goggles, and gloves all for the same price thanks to Kim's dad's coupon. That was awesome. Thanks! I am definately rambling.
You can go ahead and give yourself a great big pat on the back if you read all of this. It's nice to get some of the details written so I won't forget.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Egbert

Hans' parents came to visit for the weekend to help us celebrate his birthday. He's 32! Wow. We had an early Christmas with gifts from them and more for under our tree and they delivered my parents presents for us as well. We are not lacking for presents under the tree. We decorated lots of gingerbread houses, went to dinner, and relaxed. We had a great time.

These are pictures of the kids in robes that Paula made for them. They have their names embroidered on them too. They LOVE them.

Grandpa brought some neat shawl things from Pakistan (I think) from when he was teaching a bomb class there (to the good guys). He also got me two nice rugs from there as well.

Here is me looking happy that I don't have to use crappy knives anymore. I now own Cutco, thanks to the in-laws.

We had more candy then any of us could stand. I threw the last house out today, actually. It torments my children (and me).

Friday, December 19, 2008

I am winning this one

Thanks for your comments on losing the fights with Justin. I actually had a mom at gymnastics (while listening to Mia and Justin scream and fight over who got to sit on my lap) suggest that I go home and drug them. She said when her kids are extremely cranky she gives them some ibuprofen just to see if they are sick. Sounds good in theory, but it didn't work for me. I am more optimistic today. I just spent half the day in Denver yesterday. That helped. A little time in the temple and some time after eating yummy cookies from paradise cafe and shopping and I feel ready to handle at least today.

The point of the post was that I am winning with the potty training. Well, Justin did this one on his own, really. He just knows I mean business and that he doesn't get the luxury of a diaper or pull-up anymore. He has had no accidents since the first weekend we started and he has finally regulated his bowels and is doing so great. I'm proud of him. I overheard him explain to a friend "this is how you go potty. You sit down, then you push your p____ down and then you say uh (with a grimace)."


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm losing

Today was one of those days that couldn't end quickly enough. It's 7:42 and it's finally ending, I think. Hans is on his way home from work. I spanked Justin today. Several times. And I've never done it before and I did it while nice Christmas music about Jesus played in the background. All I do is fight with him. And I'm losing. To a two year old. Why can't I keep my cool with a 2 year old? It's wearing me down. I am anxious for Hans to have 3 days of work off in a row next week. I need help with this child!!! Any suggestions?

Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas

Ashley lost her tooth just in time to look the part while she sang All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth at her Christmas program for school. She did great! She had the cutest smile on her face the whole time. I was proud of her. It's a little strange that my baby girl is so big. Here are the pictures.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I signed up today and payed way too much money to commit to running the SLC marathon in April. Gulp. I have trained for a marathon before, but only made it to 14 miles since I got pregnant. Pretty sure pregnancy is not getting me out of this one. Wish me luck!

Hooray for Justin

I'm so proud of my big boy Justin! We decided, randomly, to potty train Justin on Thursday morning. He had about 6 "accidents" until I went to target, bought Thomas underwear and explained that Thomas would be sad if he got wet. From then on Thomas stayed dry! Go Justin! He was successful in nursery, the YMCA, and at Walmart. I'm always amazed at how easy potty training can be if you wait until they are actually ready. Learned that with Ashley. He finally went #2 today in the potty and we promptly went to Walmart and bought him a toy of his choosing. He wanted a Thomas he could ride on (200 bucks at Costco) but is completely thrilled with his remote control Thomas. He's obsessed. And so darn cute. And so grown up. I had a moment of regret in potty training him. He's no longer my baby. A moment of silence for the passing of Justin's babyhood.

Monday, December 1, 2008

North Pole

We made our annual trip to the North Pole with Jenny and Luke again this week. I love my neighbors. We wave to each other at breakfast and dinner. We can see into each other's houses. And no judgement passes. They are moving in the summer. I will cry. I am doing all sorts of convincing to get Luke to opt out of the military. He's actually thinking about it. I'm hoping and praying. My favorite is that once or twice a week we set up monitors after the kids go to bed and play games. Settlers, farming game, their version of sorry, wii. Mainly settlers. I crave the adult interaction. And a little friendly competition. It's great.
But the point of this post was the North Pole. Have you been? It's awesome! The kid rides are perfect for all my kids. Even Mia went on some with Ashley as her adult. They sat on Santa's lap and ran around like crazy hitting up all the rides. There were no lines. We stayed the entire day. We're already talking about next year. There are a lot of pictures to follow -

Ashley asked for barbies. Katelyn said she didn't want anything.
They are a little blurry. They wouldn't let me use flash.

Justin asked for a car.

Justin and Ryan.

Katelyn and Melanie.

Ashley had no "partner" but she still had fun.

Mia was cold. She was a good sport.

Ashley riding this crazy, spinning ride. Alone. Perfectly happy.

What is this face?

Lots of kids between us.

Justin loved the rockets. He rode probably 10 times in a row.
Mia is unsure when I put her in.

Then she is excited to be there.
Not so sure now that the ride is going.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week

I am resorting to making a list of what we've done the last week. Here goes:
I gave away my scale in an act of self-healing. I think it's working. Also receiving some unofficial therapy from Jenn and Liz. Love you guys.

I bought Hans an I-phone for his birthday/christmas/anniversary. Maybe next year's too. We love it. I want one now. How did we ever live without it?!
I finished the Book of Mormon. Love that book.
I learned how to do my hair straight. Got a great haircut from Melissa Losser. Try her out. She's got a whole official salon in her basement. Reminded me of Holly from Maryland. Loved her. She taught me how to do my hair curly. It changed my life:)
I got invited to participate in the Moab races in March. Without doing the lottery. I got INVITED. I am officially a runner, as of this invite. It means they want me to run just to make the race more competetive. I almost cried.

I got strep throat. I was happy to have switched insurances to Aetna so my visit to the urgent care was only 30 bucks. It reminds me when I am sick to have more sympathy for my kids when they are sick.
I went to the park 3 times this week and just hung out there. In short sleeved shirts. I'm loving the fall here. So warm.
I bought a 20 pound turkey. To feed Conleys and us. Anyone want to come over for dinner?
I'm playing racquetball. I play once a week with a friend and once a week with Hans. I cream Michelle. Everytime. And she keeps coming back. Hans beats me everytime, to keep me humble.
I went shopping and a had a great time. Love shopping without the kids.
I enjoyed last weekend with Christensens here. They drove 18 hours for Saturday here. Either they like Melanie and I that much or they really love BYU. Maybe it's a combo? I don't think I like anything enough to drive 18 hours with my kids. We had a great time with them.
Katelyn is getting promoted at gymnastics. To the pre-team. A big step up from the pre-pre team she is on now. She'll be with the 5 year olds. She's pretty awesome. She can do 10 pull-ups, climb to the top of the rope, do a bridge kickover, a back hip circle (many in a row, actually), and my favorite - she can sit in the splits, put her hands down and push herself up into a handstand. Seriously? It's impressive. Mainly the promotion means we get to go 3 times as much to the gym and pay 3 times as much money. We're excited.

I can't think of anything else.
What did you do last week?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My parents went to China and sent these cute pajamas and some other toys. The kids are very excited.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is what I learned today from the news this morning while I ran. First, twinkies are now coming in 100 calorie packs. Wow. I think if you want to eat healthy, you seriously aren't doing it with twinkies. Although I have been known to buy the 100 calorie packs of lorna doones and eat the whole thing. Still only had 600 calories!! Second, new studies by doctors have shown that TV does have an effect on teens. Really? You could have paid me nothing to tell you that. Why are we funding this kind of research and not say, diabetes or cancer? And I ran for an hour. And it was a "reputable" news station. Aren't we having an election and a war? That would have been much more interesting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Fall Weather

This has been the most beautiful fall ever. It is has been in the low 70s for the last couple weeks. I don't think I want it to ever end. It's been so nice to go the park, play outside with the neighbor kids, ride bikes, and fly kites. The kids are enjoying it and so am I. I will shed a tear for the passing of warm weather, I am sure. I rode over to Melanie's house today, rode the Air Force loop with her, and then rode home. Hans played frisbee today and golfed on Thursday and rode for 2 hours last Saturday. It's been SO NICE!!!!! Maybe I should have moved to Austin after all. Or San Diego.

Even More Halloween Fun

I can't believe the amount of parties and Halloween activities we did this year. It was maybe a little in excess, but we had lots of fun and are now coming off the sugar buzz. Or trying to anyway. I somehow managed to invite 18 kids to my house for a party. Well, 3 were mine. And that was limiting the kids we invited over to people we'd played with in the last couple weeks. It was insane. I feel lucky that the girls have so many friends (it's mainly Katelyn) and that they all came. It was a chaotic 2 hours and I was grateful for Melanie and Jenn's help. Couldn't have ever dreamed of surviving without them. We played halloween bingo, did pumpkin and candycorn tosses, bobbed for donuts, colored in halloween pictures, and decorated sugar cookies. And that took 1 hour. I still had 1 hour to fill. We managed and the girls said they had a great time. Then on Wednesday we went to Liberty HS safe night and trick-or-treated and collected a ridiculous amount of candy. Then we went to the ward trunk or treat on halloween and then went around the neighborhood block. Mia hated the whole affair. She's discovered the joys of candy and will eat nothing else. She has been crazy. She got my sweet tooth, I suppose. I think I ate 10 reese's pb cups last night (the yummy big ones). On the bright side, I think I'll be fine without a pb cup for another year or so. It's been a great halloween month. I woke up this morning and put all the decorations away and purged the house. Now I just need to go finish off the candy. Anyone want to come over and help? We could watch movies while we do it....