Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recent pictures

Katelyn with her next lost tooth. She has lost another one on the bottom since this picture. She wrote another note to the tooth fairy asking for more money. The tooth fairy was lucky to remember at 3 in the morning that another tooth needed collecting. Katelyn likes keeping her teeth. She used her tooth as a game piece for Sorry today.
We are ready for Church. Mia is on the floor behind us. Actually, I think this was when we got home from Church. I think I look tired after wrestling with my Primary class for 2 hours. Notice the picture of Jesus from the Gospel art kit sitting on an easel. I want a picture of Jesus to hang. This is doing the job for now and probably will for awhile.
Hans with the girls.
I love that they are best friends. I hope this lasts for a long, long time.
Mia had a lesson on Daniel in the lion's den. Her most wonderful Primary teachers made these for the kids. They had to literally peel her off of me to take her to class, but in the end she was happy she went.

We bought new swimsuits while they were on sale. Here is Ashley reading in hers. The chair has no cushions in it since they are used daily for forts and other various things.
Katelyn is helping Mia make a card. Katelyn got a card making kit for Christmas. She loves it. It's been really fun for her.

Doing crafts. This is the week I hosted pre-school so there were lots of new crafts available. They do this happily for hours.

Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been meaning to journal about December and now it's the end of January and I've forgotten too many things. I think I'll just write about each person and what sticks out in my mind.

Ashley - Ashley is officially 8 1/2. She brought cupcakes to school to celebrate. She loves activity days. She has wonderful leaders and I'm so grateful. She has already memorized all 13 articles of faith and tonight she gave a well-prepared lesson on the Plan of Salvation, complete with visual aids she designed herself. She is a great pianist and has a wonderful piano teacher as well. She performed beautifully in her piano recital, which was at a nursing facility. She diligently practices 5 times a week for 30 minutes. She is remarkably good for her age - something her piano teacher tells me nearly every lesson. She is still doing an advanced gymnastics class, although she is losing steam for this. Her teacher is a bit conservative on what she lets the girls do and Ashley's sick of it. We have her on a 9 person wait list for the better teacher. I'm thinking we'll stop in the summer so she can focus on swim team. She made a New Year's Resolution to compete in a swim meet this year. I'm excited for her. She has taken up crocheting and knitting. Her Grandma Egbert taught her and hooked her up with supplies and she is excelling. I don't have the patience to learn. I think she likes that she can do something I can't. She is a a beautiful, wonderful, tender-hearted girl. I sure love her. She has a very calming influence - a lot like Hans - and I love to be near her.

Katelyn - I love this girl. She is so energetic and bouncy. She is an amazing gymnast. She comes home with Wow cards frequently - tonight it was for a straight-armed hip circle. Front and Back, I think. I constantly debate the right time to pull her out of gym and put her in dance, but she continues to love it and is injury free so far. When she complains of her wrists hurting I panic, but it seems to fade quickly. She and I love to do yoga together. She can do all the tricks yoga has to offer. She lost another tooth today. She put it under her pillow and wrote a note to the tooth fairy that says, "Can I please keep my tooth? And can I please have more money this time? Love Katelyn." Her friend at school gets 4 bucks....Seriously?! I haven't decided what the tooth fairy will do about that one. She has a fascination with bodies and loves to look at gross things and make me sick to my stomach. It's a wonder I ever survived nursing school with my uneasy stomach. She has turned into an amazing reader. She loves the fairy books, the littles, and flat stanley. She got Ruthie for Christmas and loves to play with Kit and Ruthie. She loves to craft and is an excellent artist. If you want some Katelyn!

Justin - He is one handsome, tender-hearted, peaceful boy. He loves all things controlled by a remote. He has a remote-controlled boat, bug, truck, tractor, and car. He wants a remote-controlled helicopter for his birthday. He drives the boat around in my bathtub for hours and waits anxiously for when the reflecting pool will open in the spring. He loves friends. And he is good to his friends. He knows how to engage other people and to make sure everyone is having a great time. It is a skill I would love to have. He is also in gymnastics with Mr. Zac. He is the only boy. Today I wondered if I should pull him out and put him in something more traditionally boy, but he loves it and it wears him out. Good enough for me. He set a New Year's Resolution to learn how to swim without a floaty on. He is my most timid child. I hope he reaches his goal. He loves his co-operative pre-school and I have enjoyed teaching it. I have taught 3 weeks with 2 to go...not that I'm counting down. I'm always relieved when it's over, but I enjoy the process of it all. Next year he starts morning kindergarten. Today in the car I was praying for Mrs. Myers. Justin is a morning person. He really likes to see every morning. He gets up at 5 on the dot and comes to wake me up. I got tired of that and bought him his own alarm clock. He now has to stay in his room until 6:45. But I still see his light on and hear him playing starting at 5. He lives his life a bit on edge since he doesn't get enough sleep. I figure he'll adjust eventually. He told me (with a bit of hysteria in his voice) "Mom - do I have to stay in my room until 6:45 forever?!" I love Justin. He keeps me going.

Mia - She is one energetic, fiesty 3 year old. She is a whopping 26 pounds and hovers right around the 10th percentile for height. She starts gymnastics next week and cannot wait. I started taking her swimming once a week at villa while Justin is at school and we love the time together. She asks everyday if it is Tuesday yet. We go down slides, splash, jump in to the deeper end, and shower together. I love one-on-one time and wish I could better give it to the other 3. She loves all things frilly still and will wear her swimsuit often. Even in freezing weather. She talks like a grown-up, says beautiful prayers, and has very cute curly hair. She earned a new toy for staying in her own bed for the whole night for four days straight. Luckily she has continued staying in her bed. She loves bubble baths, coloring, and playing with her siblings. She still has anxiety over babysitters and playdates. She hates primary. She has wonderful sunbeam teachers. She made the cutest lion mask yesterday, but she has to scream and sit on my lap during singing and sharing time and then they peel her off of me to go to class. She screams when I drop her at Villa as well. We are working on it. I love her hugs and cuddles. She is my baby.

Me - Same old for me. Lots of driving around. I teach 3 weekly classes at villa and I am happy there. I love the people that come and support me and I love the outlet of teaching. I practice still but not as frequently as I picture myself practicing yoga when the kids are all in school. I really love it. I'm running way less. If I run 10 miles a week it's a big week. I'm sort of over it for now. I needed a break. I came home from Christmas break thinking I would decorate my house, but I lost interest after one walk through of a store. I have no vision for this sort of thing. Katelyn's playdate on Friday asked me if we just moved in. I guess my decorating style is emptiness. It's working for the budget. I still get bored more then I should...any tips?

Hans - I love him. He works hard. He is constantly going over numbers in his head and planning for the future. He is now into this jiu jitsu thing, which I don't understand but I'm glad he found something he likes to do. He is good to me.

So there you have it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day Pictures

Update coming soon. Promise.

Christmas Eve

We had a great, quiet Christmas Eve. We did our nativity scene first thing in the morning to make sure everyone was awake and happy. We had a great time. Mia, who was Mary, loved riding around on Hans, who was the donkey. Justin made a cute Joseph. Katelyn was a beautiful angel. Ashley was all of the other parts. I narrated. Very cute. I am hoping my children understood the real meaning of Christmas this year. We sang a Christmas song and read a Christmas Scripture and Story every evening of December and I think that helped. After our re-enactment they each opened one present. It was very exciting. We spent a quiet day playing. It was so nice to have Hans home since he had been so busy with work and church the other days and evenings. We went and saw Tangled in the late afternoon, which was really great. Then we came home, ate dinner, and went to bed. A great day all around.

Uncle Sam's Wedding

Leave it to me to take no pictures of the wedding. The problem with pictures for me is that by the time I get the kids and all our stuff somewhere I don't feel like bringing in and holding my big camera. I did get these of the girls in their wedding best. We were able to spend a long weekend in Utah visiting with the Egberts for Sam's wedding to Brooke. We had fun decorating gingerbread houses, eating candy, sitting in the hot tub, playing Sam's Kinect, and hanging out. It had been a long time since I had seen Hans' brother Jake - I think close to 7 years - so it was fun to see him and get to know Sam and Brooke better. They make a lovely couple. Brooke has two kids - Doran, who is between Ashley and Katelyn's age, and Aiden - who is between Justin and Mia. Doran followed Ashley around at the wedding trying to give her his wedding bouquet. It was cute. We had a great time.