Sunday, March 18, 2012

Katelyn's Baptism

We had a great weekend celebrating Katelyn's Baptism. Both sets of Grandparents came, which made it very exciting for all of us. The kids were able to show off and we ate a lot of delicious food.
The cute kids. I'm impressed with people who bring simple gifts to these events. It reminds me that simple gestures go a long way.
With Grandma and Grandpa Heath.
With Grandma and Grandpa Heath.
With Grandma and Grandpa Egbert.
With Grandma and Grandpa Egbert.
With Natalie, Katelyn's friend, and Brother Searing, who presided over their baptism. My favorite part of the program, outside of the actual covenants, was when Brother Searing had the girls stand on chairs and reminded them that all the people there loved them and cared for them. Their smiles were priceless.
Sister Shumway, their primary teacher.
So grateful Hans is able and willing to baptize Katelyn.
Standing by the font. She was SO excited.

Our Family.

Katelyn really is a lovely girl. She is full of enthusiasm for life and it is contagious.


I am finally moving into my house. It took me 6 years, but I am doing it. This is one of many projects I have to complete. It has been fun.
The girls are helping me figure out where to hang our family pictures.
I love this picture of Justin. He looks so serious in his new helmet until you notice the pink barbie bike. His friend left his bike behind Hans' truck and it got ruined. So this is what he gets to ride until he grows.
Justin and his new helmet. He had to have stitches in his chin from falling off his bike. He fell again and busted it open. I think it's because he wears his big snow boots while riding, but this new helmet makes him feel safe. And me too.
Hans signed Justin up for TaeKwondo. Justin loves it. They have a great reward system for following through with tasks at home and it really has helped Justin become a better listener.

Mia, masked as a bunny, with an iPhone and an iPad. Mia is the reason I instituted media-free Sundays. For about 2 months she literally went through physical withdrawal symptoms by Monday morning. Ridiculous, but true.
Katelyn had a busy February. She had her birthday, valentine's day, AND her tonsils out. She handled it all very well. I didn't like seeing her in pain, but it was kind of nice to have a day set aside to spend just with her. Sad that it took getting her tonsils out for us to do that. Her voice has permanently changed, which I guess is common when you have tonsils that touch each other. It took her 2 1/2 weeks, but she fully recovered. She was back to gym after 1 week, but mainly just did strength exercises. She said it hurt too much to go upside down. She is a hard worker.
This is how she looked for 2 weeks. She refused to swallow her own spit. She told me last week that she is sleeping better at night now that her tonsils are gone. What a relief.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am 30 something.

I had a great birthday. I went to lunch and yoga with Hans. The kids sang to me and we ate at Cold Stone for dessert. Later in the week I went to dinner with friends. I feel lucky to be alive with all these great people surrounding me.

Katelyn turned 8!!

This is a dark picture. Katelyn had a yummy waffle for breakfast. She is very excited to be 8!

Mia loves Gluten Free chocolate chip pumpkin cake.

The cake. She and Ashley decorated this.

We played pass the present. Each girl got their own Amazin hamster.

Ashley and Katelyn designed a pin the whiskers on the hamster game.

Opening presents! She now owns three amazin hamsters.

Katelyn's birthday celebration lasted for a few days. She brought treats to school one day. We went out to pizza time one night. She had a party. I think by the time Sunday, her actual birthday came, we were all partied out. We had a great fun honoring Katelyn. She is such a great girl. We love her so much!

She planned out a hamster themed party, which was a great success. We played pass the present with amazin hamsters as party gifts, pin the tail on the hamster, hamster quiz, and ate hamster-type food. Then they played. Mainly they hung their hamsters down the loft on yarn. Katelyn has a great group of girls at school and at gymnastics that she is starting to become more friendly with.


February posts to come.

My Birthday.
Katelyn's Birthday.
Katelyn's Tonsil surgery.
Katelyn's Baptism.