Thursday, March 27, 2008

My sweet boy

They start out oh so sweet. (1 week old)

And then they start walking with knives. (12 months old)

But he cleans up well. (18 months old)

So cute!! (A couple weeks ago)

Justin turned 2 on March 21st. Crazy that my boy is 2. I could go on and on about how much I love him. He is so loveable. Everyone who knows him, loves him. It helps that he's so darn handsome. I love when he comes up to me with his blanket and says, "cuddle me, mama." How can I resist? I have a special place in my heart for him. Melanie and Kim say I look at him with stars in my eyes. Every child deserves to grow up like him. He gallops everywhere he goes. He's just so happy, he has to. I don't really know how to sum up the 2 years with him, other then to say I can't imagine life without him. I love him immensely!!

More party posts are coming.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Grandpa came to visit!

My parents came to town last week to help out Melanie. She's sick and pregnant. But better now thanks to their tender, loving care. One day my dad just showed up in the backyard and surprised the kids. It was great to have him there. He took Ashley to school, which was nice to be spared a trip. He's so great with the kids. They all love him. He's known as the silly grandpa that tickles them. Mia gave my mom and dad lots of smiles and big eyes. She's very interested in people.


Ashley celebrated her 100 day mark at Kindergarten on Thursday. It was an all fun and crafts day. Right up her alley. She lives for this stuff. She got to decorate a shirt with 100 of whatever she wanted to wear to school instead of her uniform. We had 98 feathers on that shirt. 2 fell off. She got to decorate glasses in the shape of 100 with 100 stickers, a silly hat, and she ate 100 snacks. I brought Justin and Mia for some of the celebration. It was very exciting. It's crazy that Kindergarten is almost done. She has learned to read and write and spell. She has been doing such a great job. She hasn't missed a single day. She's learned to be a little less shy and she'll answer questions and actually raise her hand in class. Progess! Ashley is such a special gal. She is so kind-hearted and loving and wants to do good. We are learning to balance this with what you have to do, like ask to go to the bathroom instead of crying so you don't bother anyone. She's too sweet sometimes. We love her! She is such a great influence in our home.

Easter Eggs

We had fun decorating Easter eggs. We tried our best to make Easter meaningful this year by including lots of Scriptures and talks while we did these activities. I think the kids got it. Katelyn was singing a song about a crucifix and Gethsemane yesterday in the car.

The Parade

The Parade
The parade was a little interesting. The girls enjoyed watching the horses and cars and stuff, but mostly they were waiting anxiously for the candy and necklaces people were throwing out. I remembered that I'm not that big a fan of parades.

Justin has a little obsession with our friend Warren. Warren has a lot of dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and a big truck. This makes him really really really cool to Justin. And Warren humors Justin by talking to him about these things. And letting him ride on some of them. Now he constantly says to me, "see Warren, mama. see Warren!!" We had our quietest Sacrament meeting yet last Sunday when Justin sat on Warren's lap for almost the entire meeting watching him draw pictures of trucks and bikes.

St. Patrick's Day 5K

For St. Patricks day we ran a 5K and the kids did a 1 mile fun run. Then we watched an interesting parade. It was a fun day. 4 others from my ward ran in the race too. I didn't do nearly as well as Moab, but I ran it in about 23 minutes and some seconds. I was 25th. I've always been lucky to find a ward with other runners. It reminds me of what my friend in Maryland said about mormons - that they all run and they all have big pictures of Jesus in their homes. That's at least who she socialized with. I'm hoping to do more short races this spring and summer with friends. It's more fun that way. This next picture is of the kids running in the race. The girls did such a great job. Ashley started out in tears, as usual, but was happy by the end. She said she liked passing lots of people. We have been having running parties at home where Katelyn makes name tags for us to pin on our shirts and we jog on the treadmill. It's great fun for all of us. The girls want to do more races too. I'm excited for them to be running. I'm anxious for when we can run races together.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here you go Jen.

1. What is your Hubby's name?

HANS - kind of bizarre, yes we know (it's no Flay, though)

2. How long have your been married?

7 Years. 7 long, long years:)

3. How long did you date?

About 5 months. But we were friends for a year or more before that. Engaged for 2 months.

4. How old is he?

31. He finally looks over 20 now.

5. Who eats more?

Me. Definately. I just choose not to, most of the time.

6. Who said I Love you First?

He did. He told me he loved me before he'd even kissed me. Sissy.

7. Who is taller?

He is. 6 feet on a good day. I'm 5'7 and some.

8. Who sings better?

Neither of us really sing. He used to sing in the choir.

9. Who is smarter?

Umm. That's tricky. We both test well. He can take any standardized test and get a B. With no studying. I have to study, but then do well too. I'm better at math, physics, etc. All the geeky stuff (go math club!) He's better at conceptual stuff. Makes him a good dentist.

10. Whose temper is worse?

Probably mine. Neither of us are yellers and screamers. He gets mad when he's tired. Not so nice in the middle of the night.

11. Who does the laundry?

Mostly me. All 25 loads a week. He folds a lot of it.

12. Who does the dishes?

We both do.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?


14. Who pays the bills?

Automatic bill pay. He set it up. If it comes in the mail, I pay it.

15. Who mows the lawn?

Me. I think he's mowed twice. I mowed at 38 weeks pregnant, in my flip flops. I like the neighbors giving him grief. I've always liked mowing the lawn.

16. Who cooks dinner?

Me. All he can think to make is papa murphey's pizza.

17. Who drives when together?

Mostly him. I drive if I'm feeling impatient.

18. Who is more stubborn?

Probably me.

19. Who is the first to admit they are wrong?

Probably him.

20. Whose parents do we visit most?

Mine. In fun places like Bear Lake, Disney Cruise, etc. Hans' parents come to us. That's nice too.

21. Who Proposed?

He did. It wasn't very romantic, but I'm not a romantic, so I said yes.

22. Who has more friends?

Umm. This one's a draw. He has lots of friends, but I spend more time with mine.

23. Who has more siblings?

Me. 3 sisters. 1 brother. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister.

24. Who wears the pants in the family?

Me. I like to be in control. Kind of freaky about that. I know when to say when, most of the time though.

10 years ago...

I was living in Taylor hall at BYU with awesome roommates. Getting sad at the idea of it all ending and the cute boys going on missions. Trying to find a major that challenged me:) Getting ready to spend the summer in Alaska with Suzanne, selling fishing licenses.

5 things on my to due list

1. Read my scriptures.

2. Finish this blog.

3. Make dinner.

4. Give Mia a bath.

5. Clean up the crafts.

These are always on my to do list. I count a day successful if I shower and read my scriptures.

What I would do if I were suddenly a millionaire...

Pay off all debts, except student loans, those die with Hans. Save a bunch. Give a bunch away. Go shopping.

Six places I have lived...

1. New York

2. Connecticut

3. Montreal

4. Utah

5. Colorado

6. Maryland

5 jobs I have had...

1. Lifeguard/swim teacher

2. Telemarketer

3. CNA

4. LPN

5. RN

5 things people don't know about me....

1. I feel extravagent when I buy chocolate milk for the kids.

2. I'm naturally shy.

3. I play a mean game of minesweeper.

4. I'm addicted to spinach salad with craisins and almonds in it. No salad dressing. I eat it with my fingers.

5. I spend a good portion of my nights when Hans is gone wondering when the masked men are going to arrive and kill me, painfully and slowly. I'm paranoid!

I tag - Liz, Dad, Melanie, Suzanne, Sonja, and Emily G.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moab Pictures

We somehow made it the 2.1 miles to delicate arch. It's even more impressive that we made it back from there. It's a beautiful hike, but a little difficult for my 2,4, and 5 year olds.

Mia, smiling, laying under delicate arch.

Cute kids hiking.

The boys. Hans had to keep a strong hold on Justin. He insisted on hiking himself. We were afraid he was going to fall into that big hole next to delicate arch.
This is how I spent the weekend. I think this is why I am still sore and exhausted from the trip. After not sleeping well with 6 of us in two queen beds, I raced, hiked with Mia, then swam, and didn't sleep again. I think I look pretty good, considering.

We had such a great time in Moab. The kids did great on the drive and had tons of fun. We raced, cheered, hiked, ate, swam, and played! It was fast and crazy and I felt like we were gone so much longer then a weekend. It was perfect. I want to do it again. This week has been fun recovering from it. We've gotten to do lots of laundry, cleaning out the car, getting a carwash (which made quite the impression on Justin) and getting the girls' haircut. They both have very cute bobs. I will eventually get around to taking pictures of them. After this trip Justin's favorite thing to do is watch bike shows on You Tube. Hooray for You Tube.

A picture of us all!

Our Happy Family

Monday, March 10, 2008

Running, Running, Running

So, I did it! I ran it in 36.04. About a 7:15 per mile pace. I took first place in my age group and 6th overall for females. I'm pretty dang proud of myself. It felt slightly miserable the whole time, but it was a beautiful place to run. I love Moab. I was crazy and took the first bus up to wait for the race. So I had an hour and a half to just sit there and freeze. My Dad came with me early and then we met up with Mindy, Melanie, Jeff, and Michael. Jeff ran the first three miles with me. It was a good time. It was much more hilly then I had trained for.

Here's a picture of me way off in the distance. I ran the last 2 miles alone. No one was around me.

Post-run. Feeling pretty good! I couldn't eat until 3.

My trophy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Pueblo Fun

Sonntags met us there. Phillip and Ashley had a great time riding around on the bike together. Justin was a hazard riding his little fire bike in the middle of all the 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. He had a fantastic time. "Bike. Fun! Loud. Fast. Daddy! Whee!" Over and over. He still talks about it. He told Melanie and Jeff about it while they were babysitting him without any prompting. Ashley does a great job riding. She has gained a lot more confidence.

Fun in Pueblo

We spent the day with friends riding dirt bikes in Pueblo. It was 72 degrees.