Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week

I am resorting to making a list of what we've done the last week. Here goes:
I gave away my scale in an act of self-healing. I think it's working. Also receiving some unofficial therapy from Jenn and Liz. Love you guys.

I bought Hans an I-phone for his birthday/christmas/anniversary. Maybe next year's too. We love it. I want one now. How did we ever live without it?!
I finished the Book of Mormon. Love that book.
I learned how to do my hair straight. Got a great haircut from Melissa Losser. Try her out. She's got a whole official salon in her basement. Reminded me of Holly from Maryland. Loved her. She taught me how to do my hair curly. It changed my life:)
I got invited to participate in the Moab races in March. Without doing the lottery. I got INVITED. I am officially a runner, as of this invite. It means they want me to run just to make the race more competetive. I almost cried.

I got strep throat. I was happy to have switched insurances to Aetna so my visit to the urgent care was only 30 bucks. It reminds me when I am sick to have more sympathy for my kids when they are sick.
I went to the park 3 times this week and just hung out there. In short sleeved shirts. I'm loving the fall here. So warm.
I bought a 20 pound turkey. To feed Conleys and us. Anyone want to come over for dinner?
I'm playing racquetball. I play once a week with a friend and once a week with Hans. I cream Michelle. Everytime. And she keeps coming back. Hans beats me everytime, to keep me humble.
I went shopping and a had a great time. Love shopping without the kids.
I enjoyed last weekend with Christensens here. They drove 18 hours for Saturday here. Either they like Melanie and I that much or they really love BYU. Maybe it's a combo? I don't think I like anything enough to drive 18 hours with my kids. We had a great time with them.
Katelyn is getting promoted at gymnastics. To the pre-team. A big step up from the pre-pre team she is on now. She'll be with the 5 year olds. She's pretty awesome. She can do 10 pull-ups, climb to the top of the rope, do a bridge kickover, a back hip circle (many in a row, actually), and my favorite - she can sit in the splits, put her hands down and push herself up into a handstand. Seriously? It's impressive. Mainly the promotion means we get to go 3 times as much to the gym and pay 3 times as much money. We're excited.

I can't think of anything else.
What did you do last week?

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My parents went to China and sent these cute pajamas and some other toys. The kids are very excited.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This is what I learned today from the news this morning while I ran. First, twinkies are now coming in 100 calorie packs. Wow. I think if you want to eat healthy, you seriously aren't doing it with twinkies. Although I have been known to buy the 100 calorie packs of lorna doones and eat the whole thing. Still only had 600 calories!! Second, new studies by doctors have shown that TV does have an effect on teens. Really? You could have paid me nothing to tell you that. Why are we funding this kind of research and not say, diabetes or cancer? And I ran for an hour. And it was a "reputable" news station. Aren't we having an election and a war? That would have been much more interesting.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Beautiful Fall Weather

This has been the most beautiful fall ever. It is has been in the low 70s for the last couple weeks. I don't think I want it to ever end. It's been so nice to go the park, play outside with the neighbor kids, ride bikes, and fly kites. The kids are enjoying it and so am I. I will shed a tear for the passing of warm weather, I am sure. I rode over to Melanie's house today, rode the Air Force loop with her, and then rode home. Hans played frisbee today and golfed on Thursday and rode for 2 hours last Saturday. It's been SO NICE!!!!! Maybe I should have moved to Austin after all. Or San Diego.

Even More Halloween Fun

I can't believe the amount of parties and Halloween activities we did this year. It was maybe a little in excess, but we had lots of fun and are now coming off the sugar buzz. Or trying to anyway. I somehow managed to invite 18 kids to my house for a party. Well, 3 were mine. And that was limiting the kids we invited over to people we'd played with in the last couple weeks. It was insane. I feel lucky that the girls have so many friends (it's mainly Katelyn) and that they all came. It was a chaotic 2 hours and I was grateful for Melanie and Jenn's help. Couldn't have ever dreamed of surviving without them. We played halloween bingo, did pumpkin and candycorn tosses, bobbed for donuts, colored in halloween pictures, and decorated sugar cookies. And that took 1 hour. I still had 1 hour to fill. We managed and the girls said they had a great time. Then on Wednesday we went to Liberty HS safe night and trick-or-treated and collected a ridiculous amount of candy. Then we went to the ward trunk or treat on halloween and then went around the neighborhood block. Mia hated the whole affair. She's discovered the joys of candy and will eat nothing else. She has been crazy. She got my sweet tooth, I suppose. I think I ate 10 reese's pb cups last night (the yummy big ones). On the bright side, I think I'll be fine without a pb cup for another year or so. It's been a great halloween month. I woke up this morning and put all the decorations away and purged the house. Now I just need to go finish off the candy. Anyone want to come over and help? We could watch movies while we do it....