Sunday, January 31, 2010


The past two weeks have been so long! My poor Mia has been so sick. For 3 days I dealt with croupy cough and a fever and then the day the fever went down she started throwing up and having lots of diaper blow outs. I assumed it was Rotavirus (opted out of this vaccine since I felt uncomfortable making my 8 lb baby drink it) and just dealt with the symptoms. But 6 days later I thought maybe she would die and I would go crazy so I took her to the Doctor knowing they would do nothing. The Dr told me to take her straight to the ER to be re-hydrated, which I didn't do since it costs upwards of your life savings to take a trip to the hospital and I had already vowed that 2010 would be a doctor free year. I started syringing pedialyte into her mouth 1 oz every hour and she started to be a little more responsive. At this point she couldn't even lift her own head, had lost 2 lbs, and was very listless and lethargic. By the evening she looked awful again and when Hans got home he decided we needed to rehydrate her, which would be cheaper at Urgent care. The Dr there said that while she would benefit from rehydration it wasn't bad enough that if we had to pay for it out of pocket that it would be totally worth it. If we kept up with pedialyte the virus should be done - since 6 days is usually the max time for these things. So home we went and slept with Mia between us waking occasionally to syringe pedialyte into her mouth. In the morning she seemed a lot better, although she was still having diarrhea and she only slept most of the day not all of it. By the evening though she started throwing up again and being miserable. She did this for 3 more nights. Every day I thought she might die so I'd call the Dr and talk to them - she'd lost 3 lbs at this point - my 23 lb baby down to 20 lbs. She looks emaciated. Her skin is gray and her eyes are lifeless. I'm pretty much just sitting on the couch holding her watching endless TV. I hate TV. And the Dr would say - well take her to the hospital - but all we can do is send you there and tell you to feed her whatever she'll eat and hope the virus runs its course soon. Ugh!! But then every afternoon she would start to seem a little better after not eating anything and we'd feed her stuff and she'd be cranky and screaming at me and then she'd go to sleep and wake up vomitting again. We finally gave her a blessing and both Hans and I independently thought that this must be Gluten intolerance like me and put her on a gluten free diet yesterday and she hasn't thrown up since. She woke up twice last night to eat. I am so so so relieved. I think she might be able to grow and tolerate food again. She's eating and keeping it down. Over the last two weeks when I would try to have her eat something she would scream at me "I don't like food!!"

So that is why it's been a really long couple of weeks for me. I am so glad she is better because now I get to go to SLC for my birthday with Melanie and ski. I can't wait. We leave Thursday. The other 3 kids have been so great. The girls started art classes and we have still managed to find time to spend with them through the complete exhaustion.

I am excited for this week to start and for all this to be over.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick Mia

Poor girl got Croup last Sunday and Rotavirus on Thursday. She is still suffering.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Break Highlights

Some highlights of the Christmas Season:

1. Getting build-a-bears and playing with them for the entire day.
2. Playing at little biggs and having the entire place to the 5 of us for most of the time.
3. Seeing Princess and the Frog on Christmas Eve with the Morrills.
4. Watching my small people act out the nativity.
5. Opening presents on Christmas morning. Santa brought candy in stockings and legos for Mia, a camera and sword for Justin, and American girl dolls for Ashley and Katelyn. I also gave Mia some Dora books, Justin a transformer and remote control tractor, and the girls a webkinz with a leotard for Kate and a jewelry box for Ashley. They were, of course, also spoiled by grandparents. It was fun this year to have the kids draw names for each other and watch their excitement at picking out presents for their siblings. It was a great morning. Justin and Mia were up before 6:00 am so we had time to bathe them, clean, do laundry and all sorts of other inappropriate Christmas morning activities before the girls even woke up. I, in my craziness, had even taken down all of the Christmas decorations by lunchtime. I'm okay in my obsessiveness. We had Morrills for dinner and were grateful they came for the distraction.
6. Driving to Utah on the 27th. Hans' and my anniversary. I left my driveway at 4 am. I was somehow able to stay awake without Hans there and I kept trying to coerce the kids to fall back asleep. I did have an Ensign article experience in Denver when I felt the prompting to switch lanes, which gratefully I did. Within a couple minutes a car came driving along, lights off, driving the wrong way in the lane I had been in. A drunk driver, I am sure. What kind of idiot drives the wrong way on a 5 lane freeway, clearly marked with big dividers in the middle? Just another reason to not take up alcohol...I didn't even see the car until I would have crashed into it. I'm feeling grateful for the protection offered by the Holy Ghost. The rest of the drive, gratefully, was uneventful. The kids did so great and we made it to Utah by noon.
7. Signing the girls up for ski school and having them LOVE it.
8. Skiing an entire day with the girls. I was on a high for several hours afterwards feeling so amazed that I was doing something I love with my girls, who also seemed to love it. They did so great too. They both did a black diamond by the end of the day. I was totally impressed. Hans is taking them this Saturday.
9. Walking around Temple square with the Fords and touring the Conference Center.
10. Spending a morning at Christensens watching Sara, Justin, and Mia play. I love cousins.
11. Going to dinner with my siblings and in-laws and parents and then bowling afterwards. No kids.
12. New Years Eve party with my parents and making predictions for next year and in 10 years. Realizing I'm getting old.
13. Having to tell Mia that we don't do booty shakes at the dinner table. That girl. She loves to dance. And whenever she's naked she runs around shaking her booty, while yelling "booty shake, booty shake." She also has taken to calling anyone who wrongs her "a meano meano."
14. Touring Grandpa Egberts fire station, including fire truck, ambulance, and bomb squad truck, and getting to aim and spray the actual fire hose. So fun.

And while I'm remembering I need to get this down - our babysitter experience on Halloween. We came home at around 9:30 pm and the babysitter was sitting between the girls watching a Barbie movie (I'd told her 8:00 for bed) seeming to enjoy it more then the girls. Justin was asleep on the staircase. And Mia was screaming in her crib, totally naked. I've never had this happen before. I really couldn't stop laughing at how funny it all was. The babysitter seemed totally oblivious to it all. I probably will ask her to babysit again, just most likely during the daytime...

I, of course, took NO pictures while I was in Utah. Not a single one. I will post Christmas morning pictures eventually. I did take a few of those.

Christmas Letter 2009

Here's what I sent out to most of the people I care about. But you only get a card from me if you don't live near to me. And I sent this out on printer paper cut in half and shoved into an envelope with a picture of the family, of which I can't find to put on this blog. I felt conflicted about my Christmas cards this year. On the one hand, I sent one out. On the other, it was the bare minimum. Nevertheless, here is my reflection on the year:

During this Christmas season we are so grateful to reflect back on the previous year and to reconnect with so many of you. We are especially grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel, for the birth of the Savior, and for the ability that we have to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. A quick update on the Egberts:

Ashley, 7, is a beautiful, bright, and helpful girl. She loves art, piano, school, and playing with her sisters. She is most grateful this year for our dog Friday.

Katelyn, 5, is full of energy and joy. She loves art, piano, gymnastics, webkinz, crafts, and making forts for her siblings. She is most grateful to have started Kindergarten this year.

Justin, 3, is an outgoing, loving, energetic, and handsome boy. He loves bikes, Lightning McQueen, playdates, wrestling, and candy. He is most grateful to have started pre-school this year.

Mia, 2, is spirited, happy, and well-loved. She loves Dora, babies, and keeping up. She is most grateful to have gotten tubes put in her ears so she can hear and talk.

Hans is busy with his dental practice and the day-to-day of that. He competed in his first triathlon, hiked to the top of Pikes Peak, and makes time to play Frisbee and basketball weekly. He is most grateful for family and friends. (After I sent this out Hans changed his mind and said he is most grateful this year for his new motorcycle. So I'm sorry to you friends and family who he was ALMOST most grateful for. You were so close.)

I am busy with the day-to-day of raising 4 children. I ran 2 half-marathons (one in Hawaii!!), my first full marathon, hiked to the top of Pikes Peak twice, got diagnosed with Celiac disease, and certified to become a yoga instructor. I am most grateful for my health.