Monday, January 13, 2014

Utah Fun

We drove to Utah the day after Christmas. We drove straight to the Conley's house and the kids were so excited to see their cousins. My parents came down and we enjoyed dinner together. I wish we lived closer, but I'm grateful we can travel there in one day. We did a lot of fun things. We walked around BYU campus with some college friends and visited other friends in beautiful Midway. We skied twice, went to a trampoline place, played laser tag, walked around temple square, and went ice skating. We also had a new years eve party and went out to dinner with just adults. Good times.

 Eden is one year younger then Mia. But taller. She loves Mia without guile. I have to remind Mia to be kind.
 Liam spent two days in the lodge. Here he is napping on the gross floor. He's such a good sport.
 Andrew and Ashley are great, independent skiers.
 Liam in ski goggles. We had to update some ski gear. I think the hardest part of skiing is getting the gear and then putting it all on. 
 I thought it was going to be really busy, but it was not. Hooray.

 Justin and Mia sporting their new BYU gear.

 Trampoline place. Lots of fun.

 Ice Skating. Grandma is a good babysitter.

 Temple Square. I am so glad we did this. 

 Liam and Grandpa Heath.

 Liam with a good mustache and with a weird redneck binky.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Fun

 We had a great Christmas break. It is such a busy time with so much fun stuff to do…neighbor gifts, friend gifts, teacher gifts, class programs, music programs, ward party, etc. We enjoyed it all. We were even able to fit in a fun ski day at Loveland with friends. Christmas Eve we went to see Frozen and then had Morrills over for dinner. Christmas day we enjoyed the morning and then ate lunch at Morrills house. I am grateful to have them here to spend holidays with. Makes being away from family easier. I was so worried about not having enough presents. I keep it small. But we had more then enough. 
Our Ward party was breakfast for dinner and a visit from Santa. 

 Katelyn did a great job in her school music program with her two besties Hayley and Annalise.
 My Christmas present.
 Skiing went so well. We were all a little rusty after the summer break, but the kids picked it up quickly again and are already better then they were last year. We got season passes this year to Loveland so we are hoping to ski a bunch. Liam did great in the lodge all day.

 Waiting to see their Christmas presents.
 A new keyboard and a compound bow. 
 He got the motorcycle he ordered for himself on Amazon. Santa and I split the cost. Plus this duck dynasty duck I won at a white elephant party.
 She got this hat. Plus a lot of crafting supplies.
 The girls and I. I had an awesome stomach flu a couple days before Christmas. Luckily no one else got it.
 All she wanted for Christmas were glow stars. She got some from Santa AND from Grandma. Lucky!
 Katelyn and her hula hoop from Grandma. She thought it was pretty funny wrapped up.

 I love Christmas morning. 
 Katelyn and Sienna in hats they made out of duct tape.
Mia with her photo booth craft she got. Another present I won at the white elephant party. Next year I can shop less and count on gifts from the party? 

All in all a wonderful Christmas. We took down Christmas and packed up for Utah and left early on the 26th. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random pictures

Life is full of fun. It's really busy. Here are some snapshots.

Liam is almost as heavy as Mia.
Ashley and I went with Kim and Kaylee to see SYTYCD. It was awesome, of course.
Mia is making cute friends at kindergarten. They made cute pilgrims.
Katelyn is crafting endlessly these days. She said to me that she was glad there were crafts or life would be boring. She made us this grateful turkey.
We spent time at the pool during thanksgiving break. Liam loves the water.
This pool has a lazy river, a whirlpool, a wave pool, and a waterside.
She says she does too much swim team to have any fun with the pool.

Mia shooting a bow at the new bass pro shops. We went with Egbert grandparents to get pictures with Santa.
Kim and I ran a half marathon in Pueblo that was 1 degree at the start line. My toes were numb the first 3 miles. It was crazy. We passed 9 accidents on the freeway on our drive there. 
I just love Liam.

She is getting strong shoulders from swim team.