Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's hard to believe soccer season is over. It was a great year. It was nice to have our neighbor Melanie on Katelyn's team and Laureen on Ashley's team. It made it more fun for the girls. It was 5 hours of my week, not including the driving time, and so I did a little dance to celebrate when it ended. Overall, they were great. I've learned that they are not the most aggressive players, but they run hard and try. I learned that I am a little crazy. I have my issues. Don't judge me.

Halloween Parties

Cute Leopard. Or Cheetah. Or whatever she is. I'm just pleased she's still too young to want to be someone from HSM or from Hannah Montana. My baby girl still wants to watch Dora and Backyardigans. I'm hoping that lasts a little longer!

Which one?

I'm not Rachel or Joyana, but I made an attempt at Mia's 12 month picture. I'm trying to decide which picture is the best one for me to print. It's hard to decide when she's just so cute in all of them. Is one better?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Fun

October is a fun month. With halloween parties and preparation and birthday parties we are keeping busy. We have already had 2 parties, have 2 this week, 2 next week, and 1 the week after that. The girls are loving it. We copied Jenn's idea off her blog to make pumpkin patches and then went to a Colorado version of a pumpkin patch. We had a great time. Justin rode the tractor twice. There were goats, a slide into the hay, a maze thing, and then pumpkins lying on the ground for the kids to "pick." It was fun. Then, of course, we had to come home and carve our pumpkins. It was very exciting. Kids make holidays so much more fun.

My Baby is 1

Just seeing this picture brings back so many memories. I remember walking into the hospital at 11:00 am on a Monday, sitting down in the traige area to get checked in and then just losing all control of my emotions. I was scared for the pain, the change, and the recovery. It all went better then I could have expected. I almost kissed the anesthesiologist he was so good. I was also so lucky to have Hans for a week, my parents for a week, and my sister Melissa for a week. It's the only way I could have ever survived #4 in 5 years and 3 months and my husband working 80 hours a week. How did I not go crazy? Maybe I have? Would you tell me if I have?

Mia is officially 1 as of October 8th. So crazy. My baby is 1. Wow. That was the most insanely fast year ever. When did she grow up? I seriously feel like I could blink and she would be the 4 1/2 lb gal she started out as. And it's hard to believe that just a year ago I was going into the hospital and having my 4th. I look back and wonder how I survived it all, really. Oh so stressful. But lots of joy. She is now a large 17 pounds. She still wears her size 2 diapers and is just growing into her 12 month clothes. She can stand on her own. She pulls her self up to standing and then claps her hands and says yea! She can say "yea, hi, and boo." She loves to play peek a boo until a few nights ago when Hans scared her completely. She didn't settle down for a good 10 minutes and now she wants me. Not him. She gives kisses. Wet, slimy ones. She follows the kids around and is content to sit and play wherever they are. She loves food. She loves chicken nuggets, strawberries, burritos, fish, and pretty much any protein we put in front of her. She turns her nose up at baby oatmeal and baby food. She waves hi at cars passing. She's my only baby to be this attached to me. We sure love our Mia! I meant to plan a big party. Instead she got a cupcake at 8 in the morning since Hans had to work late. And the Conley kids came over for cake in the late afternoon. Nothing big. She got cash from her grandparents and binkies from her cousins. Nothing from her mom. Hmmm. That's the way it goes for a 4th, maybe?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm just curious what everyone's hobbies are. I feel like a hobby would do me some good. Just wondering what the rest of you are doing while I'm wandering my house wondering what to do. But please don't suggest: sewing, crafts, or scrapbooking. I can't do that.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Pictures

I love September here. We've had a great month. Every week I think that this will be the last week I'll be able to run outside, but I'm still doing it. It's dark, but not too cold. This morning it was 48, but I still don't need a jacket over my running turtleneck thing. It's great. I rode my bike yesterday for the first time in awhile. That was kind of rough. It's colder on the bike and my legs were hurting. I'm riding again tomorrow. Got to get it in while I can. I've been doing lots of yoga and started a ballet type dance class Liz is teaching at the church. Come! It's fun. Lots of toning. I am not graceful, but oh well. Maybe that will come?

Justin with his blue car from Grandma Egbert

Katelyn went out to pick some zuchini for me
Katelyn's hair is getting so long

Budding pianist
Doesn't she look grown up? When did that happen?
Painfully handsome

I love these pictures of Katelyn

Love these boys