Saturday, December 24, 2011

Justin loves His new Helicopter!

Each of our children were allowed to open one gift after we had a Christmas eve morning nativity. Justin was really excited to get his coveted Helicopter from Grandpa and Grandma Egbert.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Fun

The girls being silly while their house fell to pieces. Hans made their house. He was making jabs at me about how his house was better constructed then mine. Mine, as usual, proved to be sturdier. Ha.
Justin and Mia with their house that I put together. They were a great team decorating this.
More silly faces while Hans tries to save the house.
My cute girls working well together on their house.
Mia spent most of the time eating frosting.
Justin decorating his gingerbread house.
Having a lot of fun. This is a tradition we really look forward to.
Singing to Hans on his birthday. He worked all day on his birthday and came home around 8:00. We did sing to him at breakfast and give him his presents. I also went to lunch with him while all the kids were at school. We love him.
Eating a birthday breakfast - a waffle from the waffle iron the kids gave to him.
Cordera Dental Staff at the bowling party.
Justin and his friend Cannon. Justin wrapped up his broken remote controlled boat to give to Hans for his birthday. So thoughtful.
Katelyn sitting on Santa's lap. She asked for a mazin hamster. I'm not even sure what that is.
Mia was a little hesitant to sit on Santa's lap. These pictures are blurry since I took them with my phone. While she said she was going to ask for a mermaid tail she asked Santa for a stuffed dog instead.
Justin on Santa's lap. He asked Santa for a new remote controlled boat. Then he came home and wrote a letter to Santa asking for a basketball hoop instead. It's hard to decide.
Here I am shooting.

We have been keeping busy this Christmas season. We decorated the house. We put up lights outside without a ladder, which was quite exciting. We delivered home made jam to our friends, teachers, neighbors, and gymnastics coaches. We mailed out all of our Christmas cards. We sent off presents to Family and finished buying gifts for each other. We celebrated Hans' 35th birthday. We prepared for, set up, and cleaned up the Ward Christmas Party. We went to breakfast with Santa. We had a bowling party for Cordera Dental and planned presents and cards for Hans' staff. We attended school parties, one of which was Pioneer day for Katelyn. We made Christmas crafts and gingerbread houses (which I made from scratch - I'm pretty proud of that). And I interviewed for and got a job working part time as an RN at an endoscopy center. I started training for the Boston Marathon. It's been a warm December. We were able to go shooting, which was my first time shooting anything. We hiked around Garden of the Gods yesterday and went on a nice long bike ride as a family today. This week we are looking forward to skiing at Cooper and having a few more holiday parties. Should be great.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Odds and Ends

Justin played his first season of basketball at the YMCA this year. He loved it. He especially loves the end of season party and medal. At his turn with his coach he said his favorite part of basketball was how well the team worked together. My jaw dropped.
He is not a big person. These boys around him are so tall. He loved it anyway.
We did four free swim lessons at LifeTime. Justin and Mia had one teacher to themselves. They loved it. Justin got way more comfortable getting his face wet. Mia learned how to swim 25 meters on her own.
Her teacher gave her these goggles. A highlight. She loves the water. All she wants from Santa is a mermaid tail and a triangle top to cover her nickles. She makes me smile.
I took Ashley on a date to color me mine. We painted a dragon and talked. Ashley's not much of a talker so I love this time with her when she can open up.
Ashley had medieval day at school. She dressed up like a lady. They did all sorts of activities, ate a feast, and performed a dance. It was fun to be able to be there for a small portion.
She is far away in this picture. She is performing her dance. She is dancing a good distance away from her boy partner.
My gymnast. Check out her arms. She sprained her wrist on vault. She is so much like me. Stoic with certain things, like she was with this, and ridiculous about others. She has come so far with gym with her 7 hours a week. She is impressive to watch. I can't wait to see her compete in the spring.
My cute kids and our Christmas tree we crammed into our small living room space. It was very fun and exciting to set up Christmas. I love their joy. It really is contagious. I hope the season meets their expectations.
Hans reading stories. These girls definitely favor his side of the family.
Justin's Thanksgiving program. Here he is with his teacher Mrs. Ladd. I love his smirk. He gave me a picture and a rose to tell me he was thankful for me. He sure is sweet.