Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ashley's Party

We had a great time at Ashley's party this past Saturday. She invited Kaylee from school, Sierra and Larissa from church, Elizabeth a cousin, and Katelyn a sister. We went to the nail salon and they each got fancy pedicures. Then we came home and ate pizza, soda, and cookies. They danced to Taylor Swift, opened presents, watched a movie, and mostly giggled. It was a fun afternoon/evening for Ashley and I loved watching these cute girls. Ashley is growing up.

Newport Beach

We were lucky enough to fly to Newport Beach for the first week of July, which fell over the 4th and Ashley's birthday. We stayed in a beach house with the entire Heath family. There are 31 of us. It was great fun. We played at the beach, went for walks, celebrated Ashley's birthday, rode in Brian's kayak, and just hung out. My kids were in heaven. Mia still asks to go back to the beach house. Justin and Mia were so tired there they would fall asleep wherever.

We partied on Ashley's birthday. We bought her a helium balloon for the morning with a pancake breakfast. Then Hans and I took her to a gift store where she picked out a turtle made out of shells, then we played buddy tag on the beach and had a lunch party. We ate oreos and did some crafts. She had a blast.

Lots of cute Grandkids with the Heath Grandparents.

We spent an entire morning taking turns riding in the kayak. It was fun. Ashley loved digging for creepy crawling things in the sand while she waited. Hans and I each got to take turns. It was a great workout. Katelyn was doing cartwheels and press handstands on the ledge. It was slightly frightening for the adult spectators.

Dress-ups and Frogs

Katelyn is such a great helper with Justin and Mia. As I type this she is jumping on the trampoline with them and running through sprinklers. She loves to orchestrate games for them to play with her. She even got Justin to dress-up to play with them. He makes a beautiful princess.
Johnson's brought over the frogs they caught and we had a great time. There were lots of screeches and giggles. These frogs were big! Ashley loves bugs and such. She helped Justin and Mia hold them and raced them down the driveway. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.