Friday, November 30, 2007

My Cute Reindeer

Ashley makes such a cute reindeer. She is getting excited for her performance in the Nutcracker where she stars as a reindeer and a spanish girl. Her costumes are so cute. She's happy her hair is long enough to get into a ballerina bun. She has enjoyed ballet so much and has learned a lot. She is excited to start gymnastics next week. Justin just pulled Mia off the couch. There is no safe place for baby Mia. What should I do?! Ugh. I try telling him no, but it doesn't stop him from doing it again. Luckily, she seems okay. My heart always skips a beat when he tries to hurt her. Back to Ashley - she's been such a great helper to me. She is such a sensitive soul that I worry for her with her friends. She got her feelings hurt by her best friend Kaylee and it breaks my heart to see her so sad. I'm not sure I'm ready for this part of parenting. I think it's easier to change diapers then to try and explain how some people aren't nice, but since we're Egberts we always need to be nice. And Ashley is. She wants everyone to be included and feel a part of things. It's amazing to watch her do this and she's only 5. Any suggestions on how to deal with kids not being nice to my sweet Ashley? It's oh so frustrating.

I finally got my van back last night. I missed it! They washed it and vacuumed it and I am so happy to open the doors from my keys and tell the kids to climb in and buckle themselves up. I'm all about convenience and comfort. You moms with big, cooler looking cars, reconsider the minivan!!

Justin loves to talk on the phone. He has dialed all sorts of random numbers. He says Hi and then hands it to me and says, "don't want it." He's so particular. We walked to the park yesterday and he went barefoot even though it was freezing. He hates socks, jackets, and anything that touches his skin the wrong way. Everything kind of bugs him. So he follows me around whining telling me how he doesn't want it. It is impossible to get anything done with a 1 year old. He has learned to tell me he loves me. That erases all the whining...well, most of it anyway:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The First Smile

There's something so special about that first smile. I love it! I think it's because the smile is so big and goofy and makes me feel like there's a reward for all the work I'm putting into this tiny person. Mia is such a great baby. She is on a great schedule and is not fussy at all. She smiles at everyone and loves to cuddle. What more can you ask for from a baby?! She weighs in at 7 1/2 pounds. I've finally scheduled her to go to the doctor when she's 2 months old, which is next week! I've tried limiting my trips to the pediatrician as much as possible. I hate going there!!

Here is a picture of Katelyn at gymnastics. She's a superstar. She does every move with grace. It's amazing. She has quite the crush on Zach, her teacher. I love the smile she gives when she talks about going to "nastics." We are keeping her going until she gets bored. I doubt that will ever happan! She gets to do flips and cartwheels, backbends and backflips, and many other acrobatic moves. It's very impressive. I can't believe that she is almost 4. What a cute girl. Everything she says is preceded by, "And yes, I do want ice cream." Or "And yes, I do need to go to bed." etc. Very fun.

Monday, November 26, 2007

November 18, 2007

I've had yet another one of those weeks. But I feel hope for this week, thanks to Hans giving me a nice blessing. I seriously don't think I would survive without his help, his holding the priesthood, and the gospel. How do people without these things survive? Every ailment had an upside. I got to have two two hour appointments at the endodontist having a root canal. It did put me out of my miserable tooth pain and the Dr. did it for free. Which was SO nice. I also had several people babysit my kids. And Mia did just great drinking a bottle and my friend's children are all grown so she was more than happy to babysit. Very nice as well. Then the crazy pain from my stupid husband spraining my rib is going away thanks to the nice chiropractor in my ward popping it back into place. And then today I woke up and fit into my clothes again thanks to the stomach flu I got on Friday on the way home from the chiropractor. Justin had it on Wednesday and Katelyn on Monday. Ashley and Hans have escaped it. Mia threw up once. She seems fine now though. So that was my week. Crazy. My OB also refunded me the money Hans spent on the wrong prescription. I was so happy about that since I was so mad at her for it. She was very professional. Hans made the call since I wouldn't have been too nice about it. I think that's all. Attached are pictures of the kids. One is of Justin with mascara all over his face. While I am nursing Mia, he likes to destroy my house. He knows I am not capable of stopping his mischief. Which may be better then him standing at my knees and screaming every time I feed her. He came down today, handed me the tube of mascara, and said, "pretty." He sure is. Luckily for me it wasn't waterproof since he dragged the tube down the stairs. There's a lot of mascara everywhere. Then when I finished cleaning that up and came back downstairs he had dumped out a box of cereal for me to clean up. He's a pest. But a very cute, loveable one. Mia is growing. She is very cute. We all love her. The girls are great. I love them incredibly. Ashley was a star at her thanksgiving party singing songs and Katelyn had a fun party as well. We are looking forward to having this week with no where we have to be at. Hans is busy. He had one day last week where he broke even so we're happy about that. The future looks bright:) We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for all of you!

An Ode to the Minivan

The door fell off my minivan while I was trying to get Mia out of the car at Walmart. It is in the shop. I fit all the kids in the civic so we could make a trip to Mr. Biggs just to get out of the house. Driving that car, which I love since it reminds me of my college days, is not the greatest when you need 4 carseats. I don't recommend it. So this is my ode to the minivan. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starting a Blog

I've decided to join the trend of blogging. We'll see how it goes!