Sunday, April 27, 2008


April has been filled. I can't believe it's almost over. It has been so crazy windy all month long, but I'm learning that is just spring here in Colorado Springs. It's enough to make me want to cry and move, but I vaguely remember feeling this way last year. And remembering that it passes in May sometime. Hans is on a move to Austin, Texas kick again, but not for 8 years he says. The practice is going well, but not that well to sell it and actually make any sort of money on it. I keep meaning to send the camera to work with him so we can get pictures posted of the office on here. He is in the 6th month now and had his first "recall" patient. Which is very exciting. He says it is way less stressful then it used to be and I feel lucky that he is home by 4 three days of the week. He is enjoying yoga with me and he still plays frisbee on Saturday mornings. He hasn't made it to basketball on tuesday night in awhile, but he think he likes knowing he can go, if he wants to. I spend some portion of my days wondering how I got here. Surrounded by 4 small children in windy Colorado. But I'm happy here and I love my kids. I have been riding my road bike and doing spinning classes at the Y and it's been a nice break from running. I love riding in the Air Force Academy. It's hilly and beautiful. Hans is so great to humor me in being away like this. I played basketball at the Y this past week as well with a bunch of women and it was so great! I remembered how much I like playing team sports. It's been a LONG time since I've played, so I was proud to make a few shots. I'm excited to play again. I'm reading lots of books. I spend a lot of time trying to get outside. We go to the park and for walks and bike rides. I'm anxious for warmer weather. My neighbors are so great and it's fun to be out seeing them again. The kids are doing well. Ashley is in soccer and she does a great job. I worry sometimes that I'm raising a pessimist, but we're working on it. I'm hoping it's just that she's 5 and it's how all 5 year old girls are. We talk a lot about repeating mantras in her head, like "I'm great" and "everyone likes me." She spends too much time thinking of how awful she is and that no one likes her. It kind of drives me crazy. Any advice? Katelyn is doing well. She is learning so much. I'm teaching her to read and she does a great job writing. She loves to type on the computer and play computer games. She can read small 2-3 letter words and is excited about it. Justin is Justin. So loveable and fun and demanding and relentless. So, we're doing well! It's been SO nice to have the Conley's here. I could go on and on about that. That pretty much sums up April!

Mia is 6 months

Mia is 6 months old! Well, on the 8th she was. She has had a very sick 6th month of life with 3 doctors visits. They were able to catch her up on her immunizations and give me her "stats." She is 13 1/2 lbs, which is 10th % and 25 % for height. She is very healthy as far as her growing is concerned. She is sitting unreliably, but sitting. She rolls to get toys now and wants so badly to eat. I am waiting until she's older to start the whole feeding thing, but she is definately interested. She puts everything straight to her mouth, which is why she always gets sick. She is a cute girl. Her laughter brings us lots of joy!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why I haven't been blogging

Here are some reasons I haven't been taking pictures and blogging:

1. Mia has ear infections and pneumonia.
2. Justin has pneumonia.
3. Katelyn has pneumonia.
4. I am getting sick.
5. The weather is nice, so I'd rather be outside. I think I am addicted to my road bike.
6. We've been playing Settlers late at night with our neighbors after kids are in bed (we bring the monitors). And by late at night. I mean 9. Such a night owl.
7. When I get online, I go to I love it. And then I do yoga. Hans has even done yoga twice with me and has committed to doing it with me twice a week. It's great.

So, hopefully I can get my act together this week and take some pictures and journal about our lives. I have yet to get anything from my blog bound into a book. Has anyone done that yet? This is my journal, scrapbook, and way of keeping in touch with everyone. I'm all about multi-tasking.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

We kept nice and busy during spring break. The weather was beautiful, so that helped a lot. We did lots of crafts, like this one. Oobleck took an hour of their time. They liked adding cornstarch, adding more water, adding different colors of food coloring. I challenged them to make the colors of their shirts. They did a good job. I didn't coach them at all. (I think I was watching Martha Stewart while I nursed Mia). We jumped on the trampoline, went swimming at the YMCA, made a trip to the zoo, and did our usual gymnastics followed by the park and then McDonalds. It was great! Hans took Tuesday off of work to go to the zoo with us and we had a great time. The Giraffes are plentiful at this zoo and Justin was able to feed it a cracker. We met up with Jen, Damon and Rachel, and Laurie. There was a 45 minute line to get into the zoo, but it was definately worth the wait. We seriously spent the entire day there. I'm excited to go back.

We also made several trips to Target for cookies. On one trip we actually remembered to bring Katelyn's birthday money from Grandma Egbert. She picked out this cute My Little Pony unicorn that is similar to one Ashley has. It has provided hours of fun, so thanks! Part of the fun is picking it out too. We spent a good hour wandering the toy and craft aisle. Katelyn let Ashley use some of her money so Ashley picked out a little pack of markers that attach to a key chain. She felt lucky to share in the wealth. Justin also got birthday money, but he wasn't so lucky this time. I wanted to wait until he would get it. Maybe in 6 months?

So overall it was a great spring break, even though we didn't go anywhere. Next year Hans and I are going to Hawaii! Alone! Yippee!

Mia is big. She is learning to sit thanks to the help of Melanie's boppy pillow. She's a happy girl.

Easter festivities

For Easter we spent the morning finding baskets with lots of candy and crocs we bought for the kids. Hans did a nice lesson on the crocs and following in Jesus' footsteps. Then we enjoyed church and went to Conleys, along with the Morrills for Easter dinner. It was delicious! The kids all play really well together and I felt fortunate to have family around. It's been great. We get to see Laurie every Wednesday at gymnastics as well. We have a lot of kids between the 3 of us, but they are quiet and well-behaved when they are together. We did an egg hunt in
Melanie's basement. That was the highlight for my kids. Justin gorged himself on candy. Grandma Egbert sent loads of candy and we still have some hanging around. Justin will say really seriously to me, "need nangy, mom. I'll go find it." And then off he goes. He usually finds some. I don't know how because I have the same serious need and the same search and I usually can't find any. He's a pro. I count Easter a success because if you ask Ashley what it's about she says Jesus' resurrection! Go Ashley. She's sweet. Last night she prayed that she would know the Book of Mormon was true. Without my prompting. I know Heavenly Father answers her prayers!

Was Easter really 2 weeks ago?

Oh well. Here are some pictures of my kids in their cute new clothes. I had a hard time getting a good one of Justin since he had green gunk coming out of both eyes in mass quantities thanks to a terrible ear infection. Which he still has. I just called the Doctor. Again. This lousy insurance stuff is getting pricy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Girls!

Mia loves Ashley to hold her. And Ashley loves to hold Mia. Ashley is a great big sister. She can bathe Mia, get her lotioned up, diapered, and clothed. It's amazing! I feel grateful that Mia can grow up with three siblings. She's a lucky gal. It makes me appreciate my big sister that much more. I was lucky to be the baby (well, kind of) with three grown up siblings. I'm grateful for that.
Mia is very grabby. She grabbed onto a little girls' hair bow as I was pacing the hallway at church. I didn't realize it. Poor girl! I just kept walking, until her mom yelled at me (politely, of course.) Mia is almost 6 months old. I'm excited to have Rachel come take pictures for me on Friday. I will post them soon!

The party!

For Justin's party I made a race-track cake. He loved it. We put the cars right on it. It was tasty too with all those oreos and green sugar crystals on it. Between my kids and the Conleys we pretty much finished it off. Justin would say, "Happy birday, to me?" He kind of understood. He at least knew that he was the man of the hour.
Melanie gave him a baby. We opened presents at Red Robin.
Justin loves the teriyaki burger from Red Robin. So do I. Yum! He ate half of that burger.

A big Wheel from grandma and grandpa Heath! He loves his bike. It must be on whatever floor he is on. He rides it around and runs into me and says, "Exgwing me!" He's so polite.

His official "stats" for 2 years old. 26 lbs and 34 1/2 inches. He's 25th percent for weight and 50 percent for height. A handsome fellow all around. Some cute sayings lately - When I put him to bed he wants to sleep in his "boy bed" he says. It makes me laugh because it reminds me of boy bands for some reason. He's napping on his boy bed right now. I will take the crib down soon! We got rid of bottles last week. It was easy! Now he loves his new sippy cups, although he is drinking way less milk. He is eating better and his dentist is happy with the switch. He follows me around with his blanket and says, "Cuddle me, mama." How do I resist that?
Mia is hysterical downstairs. Maybe I will post more later!!