Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Fun

 Katelyn had Roman Day and was able to dress up. We made a toga out of a sheet and she had a great day doing Roman activities at school.

 Carving Pumpkins is always fun. We were lucky and got to do it outside since we've been having amazing weather. 

 We have been spending a lot of time crafting again. Good times.

 We had a great time at our Ward's Halloween party.

The girls all dressed as gymnasts for actual Halloween. Very cute.
I got to carry Mia from house to house trick or treating since she got a concussion the day before. It was a very scary/exciting Tuesday with her falling off the trampoline and landing on her head on the cement patio. After driving the older kids around with her screaming and then falling asleep and then trying to throw up and then not being able to wake her up we ended in Urgent care. We spent an hour in urgent care and then were sent to the ER for a CT scan. After learning her brain wasn't bleeding we were sent home. Crazy. And expensive. We are all so grateful it wasn't worse. Isn't she just so cute?

We had a great Halloween season. We had fun decorating the house, making skeletons, ghost footprints, and carving pumpkins. We trick or treated twice, wore two different sets of costumes, and ate our weight in candy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

September and October

It's been a very busy and fun Fall. I'm grateful for all the activities to keep my mind off the all-day sickness that comes with pregnancy. I am now 16 weeks and feeling a lot better. Baby is due April 2nd, but I'll most likely be C-sectioned on March 28th. I had a very miserable August and September. I was on a lot of Zofran, but the nausea, migraines, headaches, anxiety, and lack of sleep were still ever present. We are all very excited for this baby to come and we are all ready to spoil this baby rotten. The kids all like to look at my belly and make sure that it is growing. Which it is, along with the rest of me.

 Katelyn has had a busy meet season so far. She has competed in 3 meets and is doing a really great job. She placed 2nd overall, 1st overall, and 5th overall. She is really happy with all the medals and enjoys the entire process of hair, uniform, and competing. She is handling the pressure beautifully. She reached her goal of a 36.00 in the all around and is now working hard to get her level 6 scores so she can move up in the Spring. She practices 15 hours a week at Aerials and is dedicated. She is now participating in a program called TOPS, which gives her extra time to practice. It's taking some getting used to, but she looks forward to the day when she gets to miss school to be at the gym. Thankfully, we are not there yet.

The most exciting part of October was Mia's 5th birthday and party. It is hard to believe that my baby is 5. She is so cute and so fun and brings all sorts of joy and energy into our home. We all love her very much. Ashley has turned into quite the baker and made this beautiful 2-layer chocolate cake. She is a great big sister.

 We invited all the church girls around Mia's age and had a very fun time at the Kitty Cat party. We colored Kitty pictures, decorated them with stickers, adopted cats from the Ashley, the vet, and filled out adoption certificates but the front office manager, Katelyn. All the kids had a blast. They decorated collars for their new cats to wear then played games with their cats. We also painted all the girls faces so they looked like cats and played cat, cat, mouse, mouse hunt, and pretended to be cats by licking their ice cream out of cat bowls. Good times. Mia was thrilled.

 We spent a day of fall break at the pumpkin patch last week. The kids had a great time with the pumpkin slingshot, hay ride, corn box, slides, and mazes. I drank a diet coke trying to ward off the awful headaches. It always fails because I can only get down half a can before dumping it out. Why is soda so disgusting?