Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Pajamas

I got ambitious thanks to the help of a friend and actually bought fabric and made pajama pants. My kids, mainly Justin, thought I was a rock star for being able to sew these together. He thought it was SO cool. Now we are buying Hanes t-shirts and ironing on the letter of their names. Exciting stuff going on here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

School Days

School is in full force. I can't believe we've completed 2 full months. The kids are learning a lot and doing really well. Parent Teacher conferences are always fun since the teachers all love our kids. Ashley's teacher said that if all her students could be like Ashley her job would be really easy. Katelyn's teacher said she could skip 2nd grade altogether and go on to 3rd. Justin has gone from not being able to even identify all his letters to writing small words like do and go. Mia is in pre-school and doing great as well. She loves the activities, show and tell, and having something of her own. Justin and I do school every morning. He is not where the girls were at his age and I'm trying to fix that. He is a willing student and has come a long way from when we started. He is a lot more patient and is starting to understand that school takes some focus. I am proud of him. Mia and Justin and I have a lot of time together in the mornings before they go to school and we enjoy it.

Mia is ready for ballet. Justin is wearing his basketball jersey. He just started playing and he loves it.
Justin doing his school work.

The kids with their pajamas on backwards and inside out. They also flushed ice cubes down the toilet, did the chicken dance, and slept with spoons under their pillows. I'm not sure where they got the idea that this would help with a snow day from school, but they had fun trying. It didn't work this time. They still had school.

Halloween Fun

Halloween is so much fun. The Ward Trunk or Treat was more of an actual Halloween dress up party for the kids. We painted Ashley's face white and crimped her hair and she looked a lot more like the vampire she was supposed to be. I didn't take a picture that night. It was a crazy day and I was rushing girls to and from gymnastics and then to the party and Hans was working late. The Trunk or Treat was a great time. There were carnival games and a cake walk. One of the carnival games was throwing a ping pong ball into a glass of water. If the glass of water had a fish in it then you got to take it home. We came home with two fish. Then the kids got to trick or treat inside the Church building since it was freezing. Good times. Actual Halloween night we did in shifts. Hans and I took Justin and Mia around the neighborhood while the girls were at gymnastics. I put Justin and Mia to bed while Hans took the girls trick or treating after their gymnastics. Ashley is sad in this picture since she was worried about missing out on candy. I really hate that candy makes us all so sad. Justin ended up taking all of the candy I was handing out to trick or treaters and lying about it so I threw all of his candy away. He was really really sad, but seemed to understand what he had done. I figured it was a small price to pay for learning the importance of honesty. I was also happy to have all his candy in the trash.
A vampire, although people thought she was little red riding hood without the face paint.
A gymnast.
Spiderman and a unicorn.

The weather has been up and down here. Some of the Halloween activities were done at 65 degrees and some where done at 30. Katelyn wears a tank top and shorts if it's above 60. Hans carved the pumpkin with the kids while I was supervising a Relief Society activity. I was sad to not be there, but happy to have it done. The kids are so cute.