Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ashley on the Piano

Ashely is getting really good at the piano. She practices every day (almost always does it on her own) and has an incredible talent for music. She has a great ear and a wonderful voice. We love Ashley and are blessed to have her in our family. You can all wish your kids were half as wonderful as her :) Here is a sample of her latest piece.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hans' Birthday

Hans had his birthday yesterday. It was an exciting day for all of us. I can't believe he is 34. I met him when he was 22. That's a long time ago. I remember it clearly. I went over to Melanie's apartment in Provo and there he was (he was dating her roommate). He introduced himself and said something to the effect of - "I'm glad Melanie has a twin sister so there can be two beautiful girls in Provo." I thought he was funny. And he was happy. We had a great time in Jerusalem on study abroad together. We were both seriously dating other people. When we got home he stalked me on BYU campus for about 2 months before I realized he might be interested. He'd plan group activities and invite me and tell me how everyone cancelled but me and then we'd go have a great time. Eventually he said something to the effect of - "Michelle, I need to date you. Everytime I pray about marrying my girlfriend I see a picture of you in my head." I was flattered and excited. We got married. Almost ten years ago.

We had a great birthday day. We made him a breakfast burrito in the morning and he opened his presents - we got him a nerf gun and a set of golf clubs for the kids to use. He is excited to take the kids with him next time he golfs. He also got to do dental work on me yesterday. Then we ate dinner and ate a yummy ice cream cake with the Conleys.

I am grateful for Hans in my life. He is my person. He keeps me sane. I am so grateful that he values providing for our family and in being a great husband and father. I am grateful that he has a testimony of the Gospel and that he values church service. He has immense faith and the patience of Job. He is one amazing man.